SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 4b Model Sponge

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The episode starts off with SpongeBob cleaning the Krusty Krab as usual until he overhears Mr. Krabs on the phone. Being the nosy stalker he is (since he’s usually like this with Squidward), he decides to eavesdrop. When will he learn that this is a bad habit?

When SpongeBob hears the part where Mr. Krabs claims was going to “let the little guy go” that day, he completely panics since he’s practically married to the job now.

SpongeBob tries to find a loophole to this by using his size changing abilities to be taller than Squidward (Wow, he’d risk his own friend’s job to save his own) but that fails. Heck, when Squidward hears about Mr. Krabs allegedly planning to fire SpongeBob, he’s actually happy he won’t ever have to work with hims again. Jerk.


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SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 19a Gullible Pants

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Mr. Krabs counting his money as he normally does until he accidentally chips a nail while trying to retrieve a coin. Ouch, that had to hurt. Trust me, I have experience with chipped nails before.

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SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 21b Shell Shocked

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob waking up from another nightmare. Probably just read another scary story or saw another scary movie. That sponge is so easy to scare these days.

Just then, the young sponge hears a noise. Unlike before, SpongeBob actually decides to fight back and even arms himself with a military hat and a tennis racket. Well, I guess he has learned something from his previous insomnia nights.

Being the wimpy sponge that he is though, he predictably ends up tripping very clumsily down the stairs. This act of clumsiness will be important later on in the story.

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SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 12a Porous Pockets


Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob walking around Jellyfish Fields (at least he’s getting some exercise) until he hears someone screaming and ends up getting scared. When he sees Patrick, SpongeBob assumes that he was the one making that noise but Patrick reveals that he was just imitating the scream and even proves that he can do a mean impersonation of SpongeBob.

Patrick ought to be a voice actor someday.

SpongeBob and Patrick find out that the scream came from a clam which is choking on something. SpongeBob tries to ease the clam’s pain with some bubble soap but Patrick has his own way of dealing with this by giving the clam the Heimlich maneuver.

When that doesn’t work and Patrick breaks his back, the idiot starfish is ready to call it quits. They need professional help to get that clam to stop choking.

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SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 10a The Slumber Party


Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Pearl telling Mr. Krabs to leave since she wants to have a slumber party without Mr. Krabs being involved in any way since he’s already caused enough trouble for her with the terrible birthday parties.

Mr. Krabs begs Pearl to let him at least stay in his room which she does agree to on the grounds that he doesn’t interfere at all. Well, Mr. Krabs sure can be over protective like a lot of parents are.

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