SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 23-24 Truth or Square

How ironic? I’m reviewing the 10th anniversary special on the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Recap and Gifs

The special starts off with Patchy’s mom dropping him off at Nickelodeon Studios since the crazy pirate wants to meet SpongeBob. Okay, I’m pretty sure he can’t meet SpongeBob unless he goes underwater since he’s probably still made up in Patchy’s universe.

When the security guard claims that SpongeBob isn’t there at the moment (mostly cause he’s busy with his 10th anniversary special), Patchy decides to simply set up camp outside the studio in hopes that he can join the celebration.

Initially, the security guard is prepared to throw Patchy out right on the spot but he ends up mistaking the crazy pirate for being part of the casting department and escorts the man to the waiting room which has a poster for the 2004 film and an old animation cell from the pilot. Well, Patchy at least gets to see the studio that created his favorite idol in the world.

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SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 2b Stuck in the Wringer

Oh yes, onto the first of three of season 7’s biggest blunders according to fans.

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob showering like he does every common morning of the day. Heck, he even uses soap to clean his brain. Okay, that’s just very bizarre.

Our main plot gets started though when SpongeBob accidentally slips on some soap while getting dressed. Unlike what you’d expect, SpongeBob merely lands in the tub, not the wringer (which he uses to dry himself).

When trying to avoid that mistake again though, SpongeBob gets startled when he accidentally steps on a rubber duck and winds up slipping on the soap and getting (you guessed it) stuck in the wringer! Well, this’ll be an easy title to use as a recap ender.

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SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 3a Someone’s in The Kitchen With Sandy

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Plankton hiding inside a krabby patty bun so that he can sneak into the Krusty Krab and steal a krabby patty again.

This is foiled pretty quickly though when SpongeBob serves the bun with the krabby patty that he’s giving to Sandy.

What’s worse is that she has some sort of system now where she can easily unzip her suit and put the krabby patty inside it so that she can eat it without any trouble.Well, looks like Plankton’s dead with the lack of water and he sure has a disgusting sight to look at while he dies.

How is Sandy not seeing this? Is she that immersed in her food?

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SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 16b To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants

Fun fact: This aired on the tenth anniversary of the official premiere of the show (May 1st was more of a sneak peek while July 17 was the real one).

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with the French Narrator describing to us the most horrifying thing ever to come in the show: SpongeBob losing his pants!

Puh-lease, Squidward becoming nice was more horrifying last season than this.

Anyway, the set up is that SpongeBob was doing laundry three days ago since it was cleaning day. Heck, he even took away Gary’s shell for cleaning. Wait, won’t it break in the washing machine? Eh, it’s a cartoon.

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SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 9a Boating Buddies


Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob brushing Gary’s shell (like one would do with a cat’s fur) until he hears something. SpongeBob proceeds to go to Squidward’s front yard where the grumpy octopus is relaxing.

Squidward points out that he hasn’t said anything or moved for 45 minutes and is baffled at how SpongeBob could hear him. It’s then revealed that SpongeBob actually heard Squidward: breathing! SpongeBob sure is a lot more stalkerfic than before.

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SpongeBob Season 5 Episode 4b Boat Smarts

Just so my followers know,   I’ll be on vacation until July 31, so expect the next recap/review to come out by July 31st.

Image result for boat smarts spongebob

Recap and Gifs

Our episode today is going to be a documentary on boating. Just think of it as Krusty Krab Training Video but replace Mr. Krabs and the Krusty Krab with Mrs. Puff and her Boating School.

It’s sponsored by:

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