FAQ and question asking

These are questions people may ask me so here they are and with answers too.

What is your Top 10 favorite episodes of Spongebob?

10. Pizza Delivery

9. Krusty Krab Training Video

8. SB-129

7. Christmas Who?

6. Frankendoodle

5. Idiot Box

4. Band Geeks

3. Chocolate with Nuts

2. The Camping Episode

1. Shanghaied

What is your least favorite Spongebob episode?

A Pal for Gary, One Coarse Meal, and The Splinter. The first two are too cruel and the last one is just gross.

What are your favorite and least favorite Spongebob seasons?

Season 3 was the best as it has a lot of my favorite episodes.

Season 6 was the worst because it had a lot of bad episodes and terrible gross out humor.

I think Spongebob started off really great and got better from there up to the first movie. After the first movie though, the series were starting to lose steam. Season 4 was still good though (just not as much as the first three due to mean sprited episodes like Good Neighbors). But by Season 5, the show started to go downhill and it got worse and worse reaching its’ low point at Season 6-7. Season 8 started to slightly improve though it still had some weak episodes. Season 9 and the second movie seem to have gotten better and the series continues to improve from there. I think all seasons have some good in them though.

Who are your favorite and least favorite Spongebob characters?

Favorite- Patrick because he is so funny and a good guy (well not that nice in Seasons 6-8 but not heartless either).

Worst- Don’t have one, though all the main characters (except Sandy and Gary) have at least one episode where they are unlikable.




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