SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 5a Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Squidward being in a good mood to the point where he decides to take a walk around town. Heck, not even SpongeBob’s presence in greeting him can deter his bad mood. Man, did Squidward get his music accepted or something?

However, the universe will always find a way to make Squidward upset and it does so by putting some gum in his path where his good mood is soured by the old gum on the foot trick.

After spending a lot of time trying to remove it and accidentally covering himself on the gum at one point, Squidward finally decides to just throw it back on the sidewalk. However, the cops don’t take nicely to littering and despite Squidward claiming the gum’s not his, he’s sentenced to community service. That’s harsh, getting his good mood spoiled all over some other punk that framed him for littering gum.

Heck, his easy community service sentence (which is picking up trash at the park) is made to be harder when people keep giving all their trash to Squidward to clean. At this point, Squidward might as well be a garbage man. At least it’s pay better than his Krusty Krab job.

When Squilliam drops by to see Squidward’s humiliation, the unlucky man tries to play it cool by claiming he’s actually volunteering to selflessly clean the town up but Squilliam just uses this as another excuse to rub in another success which is cleaning the town up in just one week and getting a statue for it.

Squilliam really likes making Squidward a loser even when he succeeds doesn’t he? I wonder how he would deal with SpongeBob.

In an effort to be better than that low life snob, Squidward claims that he’ll clean the town up in one DAY. And just to taunt him, Squilliam drops his tissue just to be a jerk. Surprisingly, the cop still thinks Squidward was the litterbug and gives him another ticket. Okay, I get the serious feeling that Squilliam planted the gum for Squidward to get stuck in just so he could frame Squidward for littering and make him miserable. That has got to be one evil squid.

After cleaning up a sustainable amount of trash, Squidward finds out that all the trash cans are full so he can’t dump it there so he decides to outright steal a little kid’s wagon just to store his trash until he can find somewhere else to keep it.

Squidward’s gonna get it now.

However, this just escalates even more when the townspeople mistake him for the actual garbage man and dump their trash in the wagon. Man, what has Squidward gotten himself into now?

SpongeBob also pops up amongst the garbage (since he was discovering the life cycle of a krabby patty) and wants to help but Squidward outright refuses since he doesn’t need more misery and would even rather be beaten up.

Karma really bites Squidward though when the mother of the kid whose wagon he stole beats him up and takes the wagon back. So much for being able to carry all that trash.

After getting another ticket from the idiotic cop, Squidward relents and allows SpongeBob to help out. At least Squidward now knows that he can no longer shake off SpongeBob without getting punished by karma.

Miraculously, SpongeBob is somehow able to clear out all the trash Squidward collected in the time that the unlucky squid blinked. Okay, SpongeBob’s gotta be magic or something now!

Squidward’s so happy that he actually isn’t so angry when SpongeBob comes near him and hates him less. Aww, at least it’s a start.

When Squidward goes home though, we see that SpongeBob merely made a trash replica of Squidward’s house out of the garbage. Yeah, that was so too good to be true.

As Squidward goes on his daily life eating, living, and showering in garbage, he doesn’t recognize his garbage house. That is until he sleeps and smells his bed and realizes the smelly truth.

Once the cop sees the sight of this garbage house, Squidward gets yet another ticket. When the ticket ends up falling on the ground, Squidward gets another one for littering. Okay, how has Squidward not been arrested if he’s raking up so many tickets?

SpongeBob reveals that since the dump was closed, he decided to use his art skills from season 2 and build a replica of Squidward’s house out of garbage underneath his regular clean house. Okay, SpongeBob does have some pretty impressive art skills considering how he did it in a few seconds.

Once SpongeBob reveals that he can absorb the garbage, Squidward gets the idea to have the garbage filled sponge stand in a trash can forever (after the cop gives him more tickets due to SpongeBob accidentally spitting garbage while talking). Wow, he killed both his annoyance and trash problems in one go.

Of course, the cop refuses to even allow that since the trash can GarbageBob is in is his property so therefore, Squidward has no right to dump his trash there. Okay, at this point Squidward’s better off burning that trash.

As Squidward cries over his failure to be better than Squilliam at cleaning trash, GarbageBob gets an idea. Using his art skills from earlier in the episode, he mold the garbage into being a statue of Squidward since at least Squidward can have a statue to be seen by everyone.

The downside though is that it is a very mockable statue since it actually is made of garbage. Squilliam especially laughs at Squidward again for how the statue shows what a loser he is.

The boot’s about to be on the other foot though when the stench of the Squidward statue causes Squilliam’s statue to melt and that snob himself gets a ticket right afterward (so this cop isn’t biased against Squidward). At least Squidward’s the only one with a statue now.

This happy ending does get dulled down though when a can falls on the ground from the Squidward statue and both Squidward and SpongeBob get tickets too.

Well, looks like all three failed to keep Bikini Bottom beautiful.


Kind boring and slow for me and aside from the cop giving Squidward tickets gag, nothing really sticks out.

Grade: D+

Score out of Ten: 4/10

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