SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 5b A Pal for Gary

Now to the second of season 7’s infamous blunders.

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob preparing Gary’s usual round of breakfast and getting ready for work. When he finishes that up and prepares to leave, he runs into Gary with a leash. Interpreting this as Gary wanting to go for a walk, SpongeBob politely refuses since Mr. Krabs will never allow for a day off.

When the young sponge leaves though, Gary reveals that he was simply using the leash to get his soda drinking hat and some chips to chill and watch some of that good ole TV western. Well, looks like SpongeBob’s fears of Gary being sad, alone, and miserable are false now, not that SpongeBob will ever know since Gary’s keeping it a secret like toys keeping their sentience a secret in Toy Story.

At work, SpongeBob’s feeling pretty guilty at the thought of Gary being home alone and without him not helped by him encountering a man with a worm that wants a krabby patty. SpongeBob tries to shoo him out by pointing out the no pet policy (which is probably why he can’t take Gary to work) but since Mr. Krabs isn’t going to let this money opportunity go to waste, he allows the pet owner to get not one but TWO krabby patties. That man will do anything for money, even if it means breaking his own rules.

When Mr. Krabs even butters up to the pet owner by calling him responsible, SpongeBob feels even worse about himself and how he’s been “neglecting” Gary to the point where he decides to call him. Since Gary’s too engrossed in his westerns to even notice or care though, SpongeBob ends up getting a voice message instead that was recorded from one time where he and Gary were having fun which further upsets him. Geez, SpongeBob should quit if he really wants to spend time with Gary that badly.

That night, Mr. Krabs wants SpongeBob to tar the parking lot with him (mostly to increase customers that travel by boat) but SpongeBob’s surprisingly not feeling up to it since he wants to see Gary again so Mr. Krabs decides to do a reasonable compromise (since SpongeBob won’t stick by forever if he denies any request to leave early from him) by letting him leave but to come in five hours early the next morning. Well, so much for SpongeBob getting sleep.

As SpongeBob walks in town wondering how he can be with Gary and support his job, he sees a stand selling a bunch of nudibranchs. Seeing this as a way to make a loophole for supporting his snail and job, he decides to get one of them as a pal for Gary. While the creepy store owner tries to warn him about how aggressive those creatures can be with feline esque animals, SpongeBob straight up ignores her and takes one without even paying. Okay, SpongeBob’s really absorbed into the idea and you would all know so if he was willing to steal and risk arrest (causing him to spend less time with Gary).

May Neptune have mercy on Gary’s soul.

When SpongeBob interrupts Gary’s western to show him the new pal, Gary’s initially more annoyed that SpongeBob caused him to miss his western. On the brighter note though, Gary is open to the idea of having a new friend and it could work? That is if he doesn’t intend to say anything since he ends up realizing how much it hates him when it growls at him just for meowing.

Okay, what kind of mutation could’ve caused those creatures to be that sensitive?

When SpongeBob also tries to serve them both dinner with Gary having to share with the newly named Puffy Fluffy, the little scamp practically scares Gary off and eats the food for himself. Heck had SpongeBob been a few minutes late showing up there with his enchiladas, he would’ve eaten Gary next.

Gary tries simply ignoring the vicious creature but SpongeBob won’t allow this since he wants Gary to actually be social with his pal so he has them play with some toys while he eats dinner.

To his credit, Gary tries to be nice and play with Puffy Fluffy but all that monster wants is to eat Gary. Poor snail.

Gary tries to cling back to SpongeBob but the young sponge ain’t having it and refuses to even consider the possibility of Puffy Fluffy trying to eat him since that creature always hides his nature when his owner sees him.

As punishment for his cold behavior in his perspective, SpongeBob decides to send Gary to bed (in the living room this time) early and even has him sleep with Puffy Fluffy since he really wants them to be like brothers. Darn, SpongeBob’s gonna get them killed with his stupidity at this rate.

When Puffy Fluffy continues to growl and scare him, Gary tries to meow to SpongeBob everything but he refuses to believe him since he sees Puffy Fluffy sleeping perfectly peacefully.

As SpongeBob goes back to bed though, Gary discovers too late that he simply saw Puffy Fluffy’s shed skin and the menace is actually in the kitchen. Uh oh.

When Gary sees the unsheded creature, he sees just how dangerous and crazy it is.

Okay, just how messed up is that? Do they all disguise themselves as cute just to kill their snails or do they simply mature fast especially if they eat more food?

Realizing the true threat of the situation, Gary tries to actually fight back or at least escape being killed by Puffy Fluffy. Surprisingly, SpongeBob manages to sleep through all this. Man, SpongeBob’s a heavy sleeper. Maybe this was before he got a fear of the dark.

As the fight goes on, Puffy Fluffy proceeds to trash SpongeBob’s library by burning it with one of the fireplace logs and shredding SpongeBob’s spare squarepants (looks like he’ll have to run around in his underwear again) and causing insane amounts of collateral damage.

I hope SpongeBob and Gary have insurance cause they’re gonna need it after this.

When SpongeBob finally wakes up the next morning, he simply assumes all this rubble in his room was just the result of another earthquake. Or could it be a worm!

As SpongeBob sees the damage in his library though, he realizes that someone must’ve attacked the house ……. and it must’ve been Gary! Cause why would someone who’s lived and loved you for several years trash your house instead of a pet that you’ve only had for one night! Seriously, this sponge has really lost it.

When SpongeBob goes to his workout room to see Puffy Fluffy attacking Gary….. he yells at Gary, claiming that HE’s attacking the monster! Seriously, how stupid are you SpongeBob? For crying out loud, you’re not Patrick (and even he’d know Gary’s the victim)!

As SpongeBob continues to yell at Gary for his alleged bad behavior, Puffy Fluffy proceeds to attack SpongeBob instead probably cause he prefers sponge cakes rather than escargot.

Even though SpongeBob’s still blaming him for this entire mess even as he’s being attacked, Gary still can’t stand seeing his owner getting killed by that horrid monster so he uses the knowledge from the westerns he’s seen to good use and uses his leash to catch it by the tongues and drive it away.

Okay, the fact Gary’s still willing to save his owner’s butt despite him being a total reality blind moron for some reason (maybe he had some really bad enchiladas that caused his attitude change) is pretty sweet.

Even with Gary saving his life, SpongeBob still has the nerve to yell at Gary for driving Puffy Fluffy away. Okay, SpongeBob has officially lost his marbles now.

Later, SpongeBob has decided that since Gary’s a “bad person” to any new pets, he decides to take Gary everywhere, even to work just so he won’t feel lonely.

Heck, Mr. Krabs allows this since he can get free labor (he won’t need to pay a pet after all). Well, you guys can tell Gary’s regretting this and wishing he simply let a pal for Gary maim SpongeBob.



Good concept, bad execution. Plot is poorly paced taking way too much time for the setup in getting Puffy Fluffy plus the second half’s a full one joke pony with the boring and stupidly repetitive gag of SpongeBob blaming Gary for Puffy Fluffy’s disaster even when he’s proven wrong.

Even so, I will give credit for the idea of the story and the decent climax of Gary driving Puffy Fluffy away. Not the worst, but not good.

Grade: D

Score out of Ten: 4/10

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