SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 4b Model Sponge

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The episode starts off with SpongeBob cleaning the Krusty Krab as usual until he overhears Mr. Krabs on the phone. Being the nosy stalker he is (since he’s usually like this with Squidward), he decides to eavesdrop. When will he learn that this is a bad habit?

When SpongeBob hears the part where Mr. Krabs claims was going to “let the little guy go” that day, he completely panics since he’s practically married to the job now.

SpongeBob tries to find a loophole to this by using his size changing abilities to be taller than Squidward (Wow, he’d risk his own friend’s job to save his own) but that fails. Heck, when Squidward hears about Mr. Krabs allegedly planning to fire SpongeBob, he’s actually happy he won’t ever have to work with hims again. Jerk.


Since he knows the firing is coming soon, SpongeBob decides to make things easier and leave the Krusty Krab on his own.

However, it’s revealed that Mr. Krabs was actually referring to a scallop that he was keeping in a cage. The scallop actually got too big for his cage so Mr. Krabs decided to release it back into the wild. Well, at least he’s actually following his own advice from the time he convinced SpongeBob to let Mystery go.

As SpongeBob is wallowing at home, Patrick’s come by and wants to use SpongeBob’s refrigerator since he has no food of his own and is tired of eating sand all the time. He tries to give SpongeBob advice but all he does is essentially tell SpongeBob to be as lazy as him and waste his life getting drunk off Drinkable Sausage (gross).

Thankfully, Gary gives a smarter choice to SpongeBob: getting a new job from the want ads in the newspaper. Okay, this can’t be so hard right? Wrong!

First, SpongeBob tries to be a bank teller but fails in that since he keeps mistaking the money for krabby patty meat and chopping it into a paper krabby patty. If Mr. Krabs saw this now, he’d so have a heart attack.

Next, SpongeBob gets a job as an architect but fails in that since he keeps making krabby patty shaped buildings. Okay, that wouldn’t be a bad look or place to stay even if it is unorthodox.

Despite these fails, hope comes in the form of a billboard where it reveals that there’s auditions for a sponge for a commercial. Even with SpongeBob initial doubts at first to the point of wanting to beg Mr. Krabs for his job (that he never got fired from) back, Patrick gives him the same motivational speech he gave the sponge back in the pilot and encourages him to try and audition like the good friend he is.

While SpongeBob does to terrible in his audition since he can’t sing (probably cause he’s too subconsciously sad over losing his job to give a full effort), he still gets the part since the commercial specifically calls for a sponge. Oh, this can’t be good.

Even with this dubious success, SpongeBob gets a swelled head (hey, he got one last time he was in a commercial (and that was in a brief appearance)) and considers himself a star to the point where he snubs Mr. Krabs and tells him to remember him. Despite noticing SpongeBob’s odd behavior (but unaware of the fact that SpongeBob somehow left work early for some reason), Mr. Krabs just dismisses it as one of SpongeBob’s usual stupidity bouts. Considering how the show is, Mr. Krabs isn’t wrong thinking that.

When SpongeBob arrives at the TV station for his commercial the next day, he finds out that this opportunity was actually too good to be true.

First off, the director has Hans (from season 1’s Suds) remove SpongeBob’s pants and underwear (though he keeps the shoes oddly enough). Okay, is SpongeBob starring in porn or something?

It actually turns out that he was actually playing a sponge for a sponge commercial. Okay, I knew there was gonna be a catch.

As they film Hans using SpongeBob as an actual sponge, SpongeBob’s pretty disgusted at all the grime that’s sticking on him due to being the cleaner. The final straw in this though is when he’s being used to clean a toilet which SpongeBob realizes that its’ not worth losing his dignity for and quits the commercial business. Well, I’d quit too if I had to dunk my head in a toilet on national TV.

Realizing that cooking krabby patties is what he does best, SpongeBob decides to merely beg for his old job back to Mr. Krabs. Well, Mr. Krabs is sure gonna have fun with this.

At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob begs Mr. Krabs for his job back and explains his assumption of being fired due to the little one going phone call.

Since he doesn’t want to waste time explaining to SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs decides to humor him and “hire” him back with the additional task of cleaning the restrooms. Eh, he always cleans them.

Not noting the irony in this, SpongeBob happily goes about his cleaning work as Hans is trying to use the bathroom (how can a hand even do these things?). Well, SpongeBob now knows that he is no model sponge.


Pretty weak concept with decent humor but nothing to write home about other than the radar implication of SpongeBob being in a porno.

Grade: C

Score out of Ten: 6/10

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