SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 4a Greasy Buffoons

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob doing his usual round of cooking krabby patties for the customers when he ends up falling on a stray puddle of grease. Is the Krusty Krab so poorly maintained that they can’t even clean up their own food messes now?

As it turns out, the Krusty Krab actually has an underground grease trap that hasn’t been changed in over 50 years! Okay, that’s further proof of how poorly maintained the place is. It’s a miracle the health inspector didn’t notice that during the Nasty Patty fiasco.

When Mr. Krabs brings out the topic of actually cleaning it though, Squidward mysteriously teleport away since he’s so lazy that he can actually teleport now. Okay, this takes being lazy to a new level.

That night, SpongeBob (always yearning for more work as always) and Mr. Krabs empty the grease trap through a hose and connect the hose to a containment truck. Okay, I’m surprised Mr. Krabs had the guts to spend money just to rent something. Then again, what’s losing a few bucks trying to empty the grease trap over being sued by the health inspector for not cleaning it.

Just to put more fun in a cleaning situation, Mr. Krabs decides to use the old practice of one man’s trash being another treasure and dumps all the excess grease in the Chum bucket area. Dang, Mr. Krabs is really petty about his grudge since last season. Guess he can predict Plankton wants to kill him in the 2004 movie and wants to get him back while he can.

When Plankton sees this mess, he’s initially enraged until he actually tastes the leftover grease. Since apparently it has some sort of hidden taste that makes it so appealing (that’s how all fast foods make their food these days), Plankton gets a crazy idea of a gamble.

The next day, Mr. Krabs is super shocked to see customers actually wanting to eat Plankton’s food! Okay, now that is a shocking sight. Naturally, Mr. Krabs assumes that Plankton stole the formula and storms the Chum Bucket to get it back.

When he tries to look for the formula though, Plankton reveals that he’s actually using the grease that Mr. Krabs dumped all over his place the previous night in the chum patties. Mr. Krabs must really feel like a total jack**** now for giving Plankton a way to be successful and lose his own business.

Not wanting Plankton to win this round, Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob cook two patties at once so that he can use the grease that the other patty accumulates to spread on the first patty. SpongeBob tries to rightfully point out how unhealthy this is but Mr. Krabs don’t give a darn squat as long as he gets that money.

Once he gets a sign that claims they’re selling deluxe krabby patties, Plankton’s former customers crawl back to the Krusty Krab where they eat all the greasy krabby patties they want. Surprised no one called a health inspector yet. Then again, those townspeople are so stupid that they’ll believe anything.

Not wanting this easy of a success leave him that easily, Plankton simply advertises another greasy food: New Chummy Patties packed with Quadruple Grilled Goodness! This long title alone gives the customers the motivation to ditch old man Krabs for Plankton.

Not to be outdone by his own enemy, Mr. Krabs counters this with Yummy Bunz (just krabby patty buns covered with grease). This leads to a grease war between the two fast food owners where Plankton counters again with Crispy Cruncities (aka burnt grease crumbs) which Mr. Krabs counters with Wow Soup (grease on a paper plate).

When SpongeBob serves up the Wow Soup though, he starts to see why restaurants don’t typically use this much grease. Everyone’s become obese and are total zombies that crave more grease. That’s how these fast food places get so much money.

The last straw for SpongeBob comes when he sees the sight of his ol’ fat friend, Patrick who has become even stupider than ever and more obese too.

Since our sponge don’t like it when his friends start to get harmed in the crossfire, he decides to do what anyone would do: call the health inspector!

While SpongeBob tries to explain to the health inspector what’s going on, Mr. Krabs and Plankton try to silence him by trapping him in a trash can and roll him off a cliff too but SpongeBob still makes his word clear regarding the grease food issue known to the health inspector.

Plankton tries to pin the blame on Mr. Krabs (being the usual rascal he is) but the health inspector doesn’t care and decides that until they clean this insane amounts of grease off, both the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket will be shut down.

While Plankton doesn’t really care that much since he’s used to not having customers and knows Mr. Krabs is more screwed than him (since he’s used to having more customers and money), the crab cries about this to SpongeBob. Well, they both had it coming for breaking many restaurant violations.

Despite being the one that caused the Krusty Krab to shut down, SpongeBob devises a plan!

Using his sponge features to his advantage, he simply absorbs all the grease that’s been dropped all over the place and cleans the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket up. That’s awful nice of him considering that he could’ve just let Mr. Krabs go bankrupt as revenge for all the crap he’s pulled over the years.

There’s just one problem: Patrick keeps licking him since he still craves for more grease and chases after SpongeBob (who tries to dispose of the grease safely). Well, that’s Patrick for you, always a guy that will remain one of the grease buffoons.


Meh episode. Like the Squidward disappearing gag and some of the grease jokes but pretty forgettable overall.

Grade: C

Score out of Ten: 5/10

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