SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 23-24 Truth or Square

How ironic? I’m reviewing the 10th anniversary special on the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

Recap and Gifs

The special starts off with Patchy’s mom dropping him off at Nickelodeon Studios since the crazy pirate wants to meet SpongeBob. Okay, I’m pretty sure he can’t meet SpongeBob unless he goes underwater since he’s probably still made up in Patchy’s universe.

When the security guard claims that SpongeBob isn’t there at the moment (mostly cause he’s busy with his 10th anniversary special), Patchy decides to simply set up camp outside the studio in hopes that he can join the celebration.

Initially, the security guard is prepared to throw Patchy out right on the spot but he ends up mistaking the crazy pirate for being part of the casting department and escorts the man to the waiting room which has a poster for the 2004 film and an old animation cell from the pilot. Well, Patchy at least gets to see the studio that created his favorite idol in the world.

While Patchy hangs in the waiting room, the SpongeBob segment starts. Okay, Patchy didn’t even transition to the SpongeBob parts like he usually does when he appears. Were the writers so lazy that they couldn’t even make a good framing device?

The SpongeBob story begins with the young sponge himself waking up with a trail of alarm clocks. The reason for all these alarm clocks is because he doesn’t wanna be late for the 117th anniversary of the Krusty Krab! Okay I’m pretty sure Mr. Krabs isn’t that old. It’s probably just the 117th anniversary of the building where the Krusty Krab operates.

Heck, he even put a dozen of alarms at Squidward’s place just so he won’t be late either. Man, SpongeBob really wants a good celebration since he doesn’t know if he’ll last long enough to get a 20th anniversary one in his twelfth season.

SpongeBob even reveals that he was already visiting the Krusty Krab years before the pilot occurred, back when he was in his mother’s womb!¬† Okay, now that’s one big krabby patty fan!

For this special occasion, SpongeBob decides to sing during his morning routine a song known as A Day Like This about how special the day is.

Okay despite how lackluster it’s been so far, the song’s pretty solid, I can tell Tom Kenny did do a better job singing here than he did with the last TV movie.

Back at Nickelodeon Studios, Patchy has stumbled upon a list of celebrities from Nickelodeon and after some contemplating between the good Potty and bad Potty, he decides to call them so that he can invite them to the anniversary celebration for SpongeBob.

Such celebs include Rosario Dawson (who is disgusted by the pirate’s bad breath), Eddie Deezen (who is kicked off the studio lot before Patchy can call him), and Triumph the Insult Dog (who mistakes him for Johnny Depp since that guy also played a pirate (though it was for Disney, not Nick) and roasts Patchy to shreds) but none of them are interested.

Well, I am pretty sure they have better things to do than appear on some anniversary show for a fictional character anyway.

Back to SpongeBob, he’s managed to get to work despite having to cut past a long line that extends to his own house. Mr. Krabs isn’t very celebraty yet though as while it is a good marketing strategy for more profit, he knows that Plankton will try to steal the formula amongst this celebration.

He instructs SpongeBob and Squidward to keep a good watch on all the entrances (the back door, the front door, the underground tunnels, and air ducts). Okay, that is a lot of entrances.

The money obsessed crab even tells Squidward not to sleep on the job again. Squidward tries to deny this but Mr. Krabs pulls out a series of flashbacks that prove otherwise.

Yes people, this is gonna be a flashback loaded special. Okay, not very special especially for an anniversary special.

As another security measure, Mr. Krabs has hired Patrick as a security guard since he’s the cheapest strong guy he can find. Okay, would it kill Mr. Krabs to spend even a dime on something?

At the Chum Bucket, Plankton’s mourning cause today also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Chum Bucket! Wow, that sucks, having 50 years worth of failure under your belt.

Heck, Karen doesn’t exactly help either when she tries to “cheer” him up when she shows off his montage of his first 1,003 failures.

Plankton has taken a lot of defeats from his crabby rival to the point where its on exaggerated levels.

Despite that moment in insensitivity, Karen tries to encourage Plankton to steal the formula which can work since Mr. Krabs will be too busy with his anniversary celebrations to pay attention so the little guy can get the formula from right under his nose. This pep talk really fires Plankton up and gives him the confidence he needs.

Aww, it’s nice to see that that their marriage is still going strong despite having rocky paths this season.

Back to Patchy, he’s still looking for celebrities to appear for the anniversary show like Lebron James (he can’t cause he’s too busy with a basketball game), Tina Fey (though he mistakes her for Tina Turner, she is the only one so far willing to show up), and Will Ferrell (who is throwing his own anniversary special just to spite him but Patchy one ups him by claiming that Sir Quentin and Mr. Tinder will be in his).

I most note that Will claims he will outshine Patchy in the 20th anniversary special but I heard that he didn’t appear in that. Guess Patchy must’ve done so well that Will was too embarrassed to show his face to him.

At the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs is jacking the prices up 10 times the usual price since its’ his anniversary day. Man, Mr. Krabs could be a millionaire¬†billionaire at this rate.

SpongeBob is put in charge of the decorating. Squidward tries to protest this by pointing out another flashback sequence where SpongeBob’s decorated the Krusty Krab from giving it a rodeo theme (probably after doing something with Sandy), disco theme, and space theme but he relents when Mr. Krabs asks him to decorate. That’s Squidward for you. He’ll always complain but never work.

With the 50 cent budget from Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob decides to use the Krusty Krab resources to decorate like using ketchup and mustard as paint, krabby patties as balloons, and toilet paper as streamers.

Okay, I gotta give credit where credit’s due. I’m impressed at how SpongeBob managed to make such a good looking celebration from those supplies without spending a penny.

Before Mr. Krabs can let the customers in though, SpongeBob claims there’s one last decoration left that he wants to display. The decoration in question: an ice sculpture of a krabby patty from the freezer. Okay, Squidward would sure envy SpongeBob’s artistic skills now.

When the four of them try to get the sculpture out of the freezer with SpongeBob pulling and Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick pushing. Oh, this is gonna end badly.

Predictably, SpongeBob’s noodle arms can’t pull that sculpture and he ends up bouncing back and forth from the grill to the freezer until the door closes due to the force of wind from the bouncing.

Mr. Krabs, Patrick and Squidward:

As the four of them proceed to freak out over being trapped in the freezer (and on the anniversary no less), Mr. Krabs gets the idea to escape the freezer through the air ducts. Well, so much for the sculpture. it brought nothing but trouble to them.

When they crawl through the vents though, they stumble upon 20 different paths to go in. SpongeBob tries to replicate the map from memory using his back but the combined stress of holding it for so long and his back features being too distracting, they decide to just take a random way. They’re screwed now.

This just leads them to a dead end though where they stumble upon an old krabby patty wrapper. This reminds Mr. Krabs of the good ol days of vintage advertising from the 1980s. Okay, how did SpongeBob even manage to get an appearance in the commercial? And does this mean he’s got more experience in the TV gig than just one low budget commercial from a few years ago?

After that flashback happens, the four men continue their journey through the air ducts where they seemingly find an exit since there’s a door.

However, this just turns out to be a surveillance room which monitors both Krusty Krab activity as well as the main 5 (the four men and Sandy)’s houses. When Squidward questions this creepy activity, Mr. Krabs claims its too see if they floss after every meal but we all know its really because he wants to know where they keep their money so that he can steal it in their sleep.

This gets even creepier though when they see themselves in the surveillance room watching themselves. Now that’s meta and mind boggling.

Mr. Krabs gets even more panicky when he sees how antsy the customers are at waiting for so many long hours for their krabby patties and they get back on their vent adventure.

They end up stumbling upon two more passageways though so Mr. Krabs goes off on his own on one while having SpongeBob lead the cynic and idiot in the other one much to his joy. Okay, SpongeBob’s such an eager leader.

When the neighbor trio go in their way, they end up at a dead end and end up falling into another air vent after accidentally breaking through the dead end.

Back with Patchy, he’s still trying to look for celebrities for his anniversary show. More celebrities that he calls includes Craig Ferguson (who went to college with him). When Ferguson claims that he’s already hosting his own show where Robin Williams (aka the Genie from Aladdin) is showing up, Patchy gets the idea to trick Robin Williams into coming to his anniversary show.

The execution of the idea is that he will disguise himself as Painty the Pirate (the pirate from the intro) and lead Robin Williams to his show claiming that he’s leading him to the Ferguson show. Wow, Patchy would betray his colleague just like that. Just goes to show that a pirate has no code of honor as Mr. Krabs can attest to.

However, Williams gets very disturbed by Patchy’s antics (not helped by how he has PTSD nightmares from films like Popeye and Hook) and sneaks away when Patchy leads him to the green room where the anniversary show is.

Soon, the Patchy’s anniversary show starts. The celebs he got for this are: The 3 Point Fowl, the guy on the penny, Queen Elizabeth (wow, that’s gotta be an honor), P!nk (wow, Patchy actually got her for his weird show), Sir Quentin and Mr. Tinder (looks like he wasn’t bluffing to Mr. Ferrell) and the guest of honor himself, SpongeBob!

When doing the show though, Patchy completely botches things up from misinterpreting the cameramen’s directions to assuming that SpongeBob’s real and can show up on his show (even though he’s stuck in the air vents at this point). When SpongeBob predictably doesn’t show up, Patchy completely loses it and abandons the special to go and find SpongeBob himself since he’s not letting ten years of not having a life go to waste.

While Patchy’s off on his deranged, loony quest, the celeb guests are not pleased at having to cancel their plans just to wait for a deranged pirate. P!nk decides to entertain them though by singing We’ve Got Scurvy. Well, she also does do a pretty good job singing here too.

Back with Patchy, he’s sailing around the globe from California to Bikini Atoll since that’s where Bikini Bottom is. His plans get a big dent though when a whale promptly devours him. Okay even if he didn’t get eaten by a whale, what would Patchy have done to get SpongeBob? He didn’t have an oxygen helmet so he couldn’t go underwater and SpongeBob can’t go to the surface if he’s still trapped in the air ducts.

Speaking of which, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward have stumbled upon Plankton (who was sneaking in there to steal the formula again) when they end up falling into the air duct.

When SpongeBob sees him, he claims that it reminds him of the time where Mr. Krabs told him the formula. Naturally, Plankton wants to hear the story so SpongeBob enlightens us with the tale.

Mr. Krabs decided to tell SpongeBob the formula so they walked and wandered over various places around the sea to make sure no one would follow them to hear the formula being said. Wow, Mr. Krabs really took security measures on that one.

By the time SpongeBob gets to the part where Mr. Krabs actually told him the formula (back in his office), Mr. Krabs shows up and throws Plankton into another air duct before SpongeBob can spill anymore. Well, SpongeBob’s in trouble now when this is over. Almost revealing the formula and making them get an ice sculpture out which caused them to be locked in the freezer.

As Squidward broods on how miserable he is, he reminisces the times before SpongeBob moved into Bikini Bottom.

Back then, Squidward was super happy (even if he had to deal with Patrick for a neighbor) without SpongeBob to the point where he called the fry cook before SpongeBob but after Jim, Not SpongeBob. Okay, I get the feeling Squidward knew SpongeBob even before then but he moved away from the sponge just so he wouldn’t be subject to much annoyances in life.

Heck, SpongeBob’s pineapple wasn’t even there at the time and in its place was Squidward’s other garden.

SpongeBob then brings up the time where he moved into his current house. When he was moving to Bikini Bottom, he was always put off by the homes that the real estate agent tried to sell him and was initially prepared to give up and live with his parents forever. That was until a mysterious pineapple fell from the surface and landed on top of Squidward’s garden. SpongeBob saw the pineapple and decided to live there (probably cause he wanted to live near Patrick and Squidward) which angered the squid since he lost his garden cause of SpongeBob’s home. So that’s why he hates SpongeBob so much (kinda).

As these stories are being told, Mr. Krabs hears his customers crying out for more krabby patties since he still hasn’t opened up shop yet. This really gets his sentient wallet in a tizzy since it really needs money badly. The crab tries to simply push it outside through a small hole but since it’s only sentient when trapped, another fish just steals the wallet instead. Okay, good luck to that guy when he gets arrested for identity theft.

As Mr. Krabs begins to panic at being stuck in the vents the one time he gets a long crowd demanding patties, Patrick reveals that he stole a walkie talkie from Sandy (mistaking it for a radio). When Squidward tries to call Sandy (who’s pretty ticked and assumes Squidward stole it since he’s the one talking), Patrick recklessly breaks it since he thinks that people can be trapped in those things. Man, Patrick is gonna get em killed I tell ya.

This inspires SpongeBob to tell us another flashback, the time he married Sandy! Oh snap, those shippers are about to be in heaven now!

I’m also surprised that Plankton and Karen are in this flashback. Do they really care for SpongeBob despite being business enemies or do they just like to see young love?

When the flashback progresses though, a stage light falls on the ground and its revealed that it was actually a mere play (I didn’t know weddings could be plays) that everyone hated cause of that one malfunction.

I must note though that the priest didn’t know that this was a fake wedding. Does this mean SpongeBob’s legally married to Sandy? Better toss this into the Spandy shipping fuel for the shippers (I’m not one of them).

Inside a whale, Patchy’s moping about the fact that he will never get to show his footage of bloopers and outtakes for the show to SpongeBob but since he needs to keep us engaged in the plot (which is super boring and uninteresting), he decides to show us the footage by himself. Man, he had that footage with him the entire time.

While the Patchy in the outtake real states the usual stuff about SpongeBob going through changes, he also mentions that there were also considerations of other characters being the main star instead. Okay, this intrigues me.

Various character intros include one with Squidward (who’s pants are taken away instead of given like SpongeBob, Squidward really hates pants doesn’t he?), Patrick (who laughs so hard he falls off his rock), and Mr. Krabs (whose money is taken instead of clothes). Okay these may not be as memorable as the regular intro but these are interesting.

Patchy also shows another cartoon where the show was animated in the style of the cartoons from the 1920s and 1930s complete with rubber-hose animated where SpongeBob sings about going to work alongside is objects which are sentient and talk. Okay, that is some crazy rubber-hose era stuff right there.

The whale starts to get very uncomfortable with his insides being used as a theater though and he shoots Patchy out of his blowhole and ends up back in his anniversary special studio where he dreams of actually meeting SpongeBob but he ends up fainting even in the dream too and wakes up to see his fellow celebrities (who are still there since they have no other plans now).

While he is depressed at not seeing his idol at first, the celebrities reassure him that SpongeBob is everywhere. Heck, the guy on the penny even shows a SpongeBob toy which Patchy actually thinks is the real thing and faints again. He really needs help. Maybe that’s why he didn’t appear again after this until the end of season 8.

Back in Bikini Bottom, customers are as antsy as ever while the four men are sad over not being able to celebrate the Krusty Krab’s anniversary. It’s pretty clear that SpongeBob’s the only one whose spirit is still active.

Mr. Krabs is sad over not making a single dime today, Squidward is sad over never being able to make anyone envy him (and have a turn in his unlucky shoes for once), and Patrick’s sad cause he didn’t get to sleep in at the morning since he had to wake up early for bodyguard work.

Despite all this bad spirit, SpongeBob’s not giving up yet since he’s so optimistic and decides to make a battering ram. The battering ram in question?

Essentially Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and Squidward covered in spare went pieces and stacked together so that SpongeBob can ram them against the vents (since they’re probably close enough to the serving area if they could hear customers earlier).

By the time they end up out of the vents and ready to serve krabby patties, the customers have already gotten tired of waiting and left with all their money still with them much to Mr. Krabs’ dismay.

While Squidward’s grumpy since this episode was all for nothing, SpongeBob’s positive spirit shows the bright side since he got to spend the day with three of his best friends (too bad Gary and Sandy couldn’t be there too).

Heck, he even uses this positivity to sing a song Oh, Krusty Krab (parody of Oh Christmas Tree). Man, SpongeBob’s being a better singer here than last time.

As SpongeBob sings this, the customers start to hear this and touched at SpongeBob’s singing (and the fact that the staff’s now ready to celebrate) and comeback to join him and sing along. Okay, was SpongeBob intentionally singing this to get the customers back for ol man Krabs?

After the song’s done, everyone decides to go in and get the krabby patties they’ve been waiting for. Meanwhile, Plankton’s managed to get the formula while the four were trapped in the vent and prepares to make another escape but the overwhelming number of customers quickly defeats him again and he gets caught by Mr. Krabs once again.

Unlike the usual splat routine, Mr. Krabs decides go easy and blow Plankton up like a balloon. Okay, where does he get that air into? If it’s where I thing it is, then it’s pretty disturbing.

While doing that, Mr. Krabs also stumbles upon the man who took his wallet and chases him around to get his good ol money back.

Looks like SpongeBob’s had a really good day (even if the fans and me considered it really boring).

The episode ends off with Ricky Gervais stating how crazy Patchy is and signing off for the episode and vows that there will be another annviersary special in 2019 (aka this year)! Will it be good? Well, calling it good could either be truth or square.


Pretty boring and super lackluster and underwhelming anniversary special. Only good scenes were the wedding with SpongeBob and Sandy, the failed intros, the rubber-hose sequence, the songs, and the Robin Williams cameo.

Let’s hope the 20th anniversary special is better (though I probably won’t get to that one for a while).

Grade: D

Score out of Ten: 3/10

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