SpongeBob Season 7 Episode 7a The Curse of Bikini Bottom

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob and Patrick being bored out of their minds again so they decide to mess with Squidward’s house again as usual this time in his garden shed. Gee, I wonder what awaits them in there…

In there, the two idiots see a lawn mower that really fascinates them since they don’t use em (on an account that they don’t have grass like Squidward). Once Squidward catches them in there, he’s prepared to yell at them on the spot but when the idiots reveal that they wanted to play with his lawn mower, Squidward allows this since he knows that they will get hurt if they do use it in their idiocy.

Man, Squidward’s hatred for them has escalated from being annoyed by them but having standards to trying to send them to their deaths by idiocy.

SpongeBob and Patrick proceed to go crazy with the lawn mower and even ride it away from Squidward’s lawn. Oh well, at least he got rid of them despite getting minor damage to his backyard.

Their reckless lawn mowing soon leads them into the cemetery! Dun, dun dun!

At his grave, the Flying Dutchman has presumably killed off Davy Jones since his last appearance and his looking for a shirt to wear since he lost his old one. After looking through several crappy ones, he finds a good looking old fashioned shirt to wear.

When he hears SpongeBob and Patrick’s loud voices though and has some dirt fall on his good shirt due to the vibrations caused by their recklessness, he makes the mistake of sticking his head up the ground and winds up getting his beard shaven as the lawn mower passes his face several times. Wouldn’t the lawn mower just phase through him though since he’s a ghost? Is that lawn mower magic or something?

And why didn’t Flying Dutchman just fly all the way up after the first shave? Is he that stupid or did he want an excuse to torture them?

Angered, Flying Dutchman skips his intro and uses his powers to levitate SpongeBob and Patrick towards him. Oh boy, they are so dead now!

SpongeBob and Patrick try to cheer him up by commenting on how younger he looks and that his beard will grow back but he’s still angry since he hates looking younger (he really hates teen pimples) and his beard will take a thousand years to regrow. When they claims that they have no idea about the life of a ghost like him (they’ve only seen him seven times before this episode), the vengeful ghost gets the idea to turn the idiot duo into ghosts until his beard grows back!

Wow, they actually had him kill off our favorite stupid duo! Color me impressed.

Surprisingly, the idiots take their deaths in stride and decide to haunt Squidward. Wow, Squidward actually did lead them to their deaths in a way.

Squidward ain’t really scared by the two though since they still lack the ability to be intangible and just casually thinks the lawn mower got them killed.

While the two do have fun scaring people like they did years ago, they soon start to see the problems of being a ghost.

Since apparently they can only go intangible in their sleep, SpongeBob ends up phasing through his bed all the way to the ground causing him to have a really bad sleep underground.

Patrick doesn’t even a second of sleep since he can see through his eyelids now! Okay, seeing as they’re dead, they are technically sleeping all ready. It’s just a permanent nap at that.

At work, Mr. Krabs is pretty casual about SpongeBob being a ghost since he can still cook patties and get some of that green stuff.

SpongeBob decides to break (aka kill) his spatula so that he can use his new ghost spatula much better. This doesn’t work out though since spatulas aren’t sentient and thus they are intangible to living objects so he can’t flip patties and actually burns his first patty. Shouldn’t have killed your spatula SpongeBob.

When Patrick shows up and reveals that he can’t even eat since the food goes through him (he’s a ghost so he doesn’t need food), the idiots decide to beg the Flying Dutchman to change them back.

After revealing all the suffering they’ve endured, Flying Dutchman decides to turn them back to normal but there’s just one problem. The curse will never ware off until he grows his beard back no matter how hard he tries to change them back early.

The angry ghost reveals that he needed his beard since he had a date and he thinks he looks super ugly without his beard. Please, he actually looks much better.

Realizing a loophole to their situation, SpongeBob and Patrick try to give him a makeover since it could satisfy him enough that the curse can go away.

Such makeovers include a jellyfish beard that involves him having jelly on his face to attract the stinging creatures and letting his hair down and tying it to the top of his head to cover his baldness.

They finally get a good one though when SpongeBob decides to act as the Flying Dutchman’s new beard which he’s happy at (though they still don’t become normal yet cause it actually requires real hair) and goes off on his date.

After several months of having a sponge beard, Flying Dutchman finally regrows his beard (guess he was exaggerating the whole thousand years part cause he’s an immortal ghost with a different view of time) and the idiots finally become normal living sea creatures again.

The new problem for the Flying Dutchman though is that his Krakken girlfriend wants to marry him but he doesn’t want to since he hates marriage. Looks like the curse of Bikini Bottom has struck him again.


Good concept and funny but pacing could’ve been better with a less dragged out beginning and a longer, more fleshed out middle to further show the idiots’ struggle in being ghosts plus the Flying Dutchman’s date and how it went.

Grade: B

Score out of Ten: 7/10

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