SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 16b To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants

Fun fact: This aired on the tenth anniversary of the official premiere of the show (May 1st was more of a sneak peek while July 17 was the real one).

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with the French Narrator describing to us the most horrifying thing ever to come in the show: SpongeBob losing his pants!

Puh-lease, Squidward becoming nice was more horrifying last season than this.

Anyway, the set up is that SpongeBob was doing laundry three days ago since it was cleaning day. Heck, he even took away Gary’s shell for cleaning. Wait, won’t it break in the washing machine? Eh, it’s a cartoon.

While he was cleaning the house though, Patrick called him on the phone to show him how long he can lo-lo with his tongue. The sea star even refuses to wait despite SpongeBob having to unload the laundry into the dryer.

Rather than just hang up (I mean, Patrick’s too stupid to care) or just multitask (he can grow multiple limbs after all), SpongeBob merely asks Gary to check on the laundry.

Being a lazy guy, Gary only takes his shell out and leaves SpongeBob’s pants in the dryer. This spells trouble for sure now. If only SpongeBob wasn’t such a dedicated friend.

After presumably hours of Patrick making that noise and finishing up, SpongeBob finally checks on the laundry himself to see that his pants have shrunken down action figure size so he can’t even wear them. Sure he can shape-shift, but he needs to be big for being at work.

Unfortunately, the mall doesn’t even have his squarepants since they’re all out (probably since his family bought them all) and won’t have them for months.

Nonetheless, SpongeBob tries some normal pants on since he can’t walk around town in his underwear but none of them wow him enough. Well TBH, he don’t look memorable in long pants.

SpongeBob finally finds a pair that look like his old ones but are round, not square. Despite this, SpongeBob’s happy with them and he’s now on roundpants now.

However, this isn’t a very good thing as it seems.

Patrick can’t tell it’s him since he remembers SpongeBob for his squarepants, now ROUNDpants to the point where he refuses to let him in his own house (where he was hanging since he was mourning over SpongeBob SquarePants’ “disappearance). Where was Gary while Patrick was being this idiotic? Mexico?

Sandy playfully compliments him and claims he’s a different person in them (which the sponge takes literally) as a compliment.

Squidward doesn’t even respond to him when he tries to talk to him just to make him go away. SpongeBob takes this to mean that Squidward doesn’t recognize him either even though Squidward’s probably done this before.

Convinced by these series of coincidences and misunderstandings, SpongeBob decides to restart his life all over again starting with reapplying for the Krusty Krab job.

Mr. Krabs comes out and sees what’s going on. Rather than question SpongeBob’s new pants or why he’s filling an application out, he merely tells him to go back to work which just makes SpongeBob think he got the job. Oh boy, does SpongeBob not understand word play at all?

Since he still wants to be Squidward’s best buddy, SpongeBob asks him to show him around and what to do.

Squidward only shows him how to put a krabby patty on the stove and he leaves while not caring to check and see if its burning. SpongeBob follows that example super literally to a T. Oh boy, here come some burned patty days.

SpongeBob soon starts to mimic Squidward by also going on a bathroom break.

This mimicking of Squidward’s poor work ethic continues from throwing food to the customers and making rude remarks about the food to apathetically throwing trash and not caring where it lands to being rude to customers to sleeping on the job.

Squidward grows to enjoy SpongeBob RoundPants’ new poor work habits since he’s more bearable and fun and they continue to be poor lazy slacker workers as customers get angrier.

Mr. Krabs isn’t about to lose business because of unmotivated lazy workers though and proceeds to call SpongeBob out on his deplorable behavior.

When SpongeBob claims that the roundpants make him a different person, Mr. Krabs suggests the simple solution of taking them off. Well, it’s not like he cares about SpongeBob working in his underwear since Squidward doesn’t wear pants anyway.

While he is back to being a good worker again, SpongeBob still suffers identity issues courtesy of Sandy (not knowing about SpongeBob taking things literally) calling him SpongeBob UnderPants. At least SpongeBob got his new pair of squarepants three days later as the opening for the episode shows.

And so, SpongeBob must think if he is to squarepants or not to squarepants.


Three words: boring, stupid, and pointless.

Grade: D

Score out of Ten: 3/10

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