SpongeBob Season 6 Episode 11 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One

Hi everyone! Sorry for the five month hiatus, I have been pretty busy lately with school work and all but I’m back and ready to go back to recaping and joking on the sponge!


Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with the usual Krusty Krab shenanigans. This time, there’s a massive heat wave in Bikini Bottom (global warming much?) and SpongeBob & Squidward are suffering immensely since Mr. Krabs is too cheap to buy an AC and settles for a mere ceiling fan that not only does nothing to cool them, but also shuts down since Mr. Krabs refused to pay the power bill.

In his defense though, $9 million dollars is a lot of money.

Squidward also informs Mr. Krabs that the customers are off enjoying the heat in Goo Lagoon. Since Mr. Krabs still wants dat green stuff no matter what, he decides to have the crew move their business to Goo Lagoon where they serve the krabby patties on a surfboard in the middle of the sea.

How the heck is the grill even working? Is it powered my magic or something?

However because they’re both in the middle of the sea and the customers have left their money on the beach so they don’t get squat from them. Okay, why didn’t they just set up shop on the beach? Was Mr. Krabs that eager to get more customers or is he just not good in anything outside of money? Hasn’t he ever heard of the ol’ stomach cramp in the water thing?

When Patrick swims by though (good to see Larry’s swimming lessons have paid off), Mr. Krabs tricks him into buying a krabby patty even though Patrick probably can’t even pay him. The heat must really be getting to his head.

Patrick tries to get on the board to get a close look on the menu (which has nothing on it) but this just causes it to tip over since Patrick’s such a fatso.

Patrick ends up moving the board across the sea until they end up crashing into Sandy riding on a wave. This causes all five of them to get separated with Squidward being stuck with SpongeBob and Patrick (like that hasn’t happened before), Mr. Krabs clinging to his cash register, and Sandy going off on her own (probably cause she wasn’t involved in the Krusty Krab on the Sea scheme and just happened to crash into them).

Sandy winds up on a deserted island but we’re not focusing on that too much since she ain’t a prominent player here.

Mr. Krabs winds up in the Dutchman’s Triangle, indicated by the dark atmosphere, blood waterspouts (blood probably comes from those shark attacks), and raining donuts. Okay, the last one is really cool. Oh, and Davy Jones’ locker is under the spot where he is floating.

Damn, this just got crazy.

As for the neighbor hood trio, they’ve ended up on a remote island inhabited by surfers. Okay compared to Mr. Krabs and Sandy’s fates, this don’t sound too horrifying.

The leader, Twitch, reveals that they’re college dropouts and introduces his gang to the trio. Okay, did those those guys leave for drugs cause they seem like the kind of people that would be in the drug life?

The “surfers” gather the trio in a hut where they reveal that the only way for them to get back to Bikini Bottom is to surf.

Naturally, SpongeBob freaks out since anyone who’s seen the show knows that he’s absolutely horrible at sports.

The surfer gang decides to help train SpongeBob since they are good people despite their questionable backstory (like whether they do those drugs).

Despite having a narrator to narrate their training documentary style, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward are still terrible at surfing since a one minute training sequence ain’t enough time for these unfit men.

Initially, the surfers plan to just give up and have the trio stay at the island forever (well, so much for the Krusty Krab being in business) but then the coughing guy (I wish I was lying about this guy existing) reveals that there is a master and legend in the island known as JKL (played by Johnny Depp) that can train the trio much better.

The surfer gang agrees to this idea and they have the trio float on surfboards upstream though they have no idea where they should stop since they haven’t nor ever will ride the river. Okay, that means those guys just wanted to get the incompetent trio off their backs so that they could do their drugs and surf in peace while camera isn’t on them and can’t get in trouble with the censor guys.

Back to Sandy, she’s realized that she’s on her own and worries for SpongeBob and the others and if they’re okay. Well, she sure cares about her friends.

On the surfer island, the trio are still floating upstream where they are accompanied by a song, Bee Line for the Tree Line, sung by series composer Jeremy Wakefield. He sure has a nice singing voice, he ought to be a singer someday.

While this song plays out, the trio see various beautiful sights with SpongeBob and Patrick admiring them while Squidward’s being an indifferent sour puss. Figures, anything not from him is automatically bad to him.

Eventually, the trio reach Kahmamoku Cove (quite a mouthful to say) where JKL is located. When he comes out of his hut, all three of them are instantly attracted to him (I’m starting to wonder if all three of them are bisexual). Well, his hot bod can’t blame them.

Their attraction to him only increases when he does an impressive surf move on his mighty surf board (which could be compensating for something).

However, Squidward’s attraction to the man quickly fades away when JKL claims that this demonstration was a lesson but JKL still continues to act spiritual and simply tells them to breathe.

Back to Mr. Krabs and the cash register, he’s starting to lose his sanity as evidenced by his beard and the cash register now having seaweed for hair and sea shells for ear rings. Now that’s true isolation as its finest for a crab like him.

However, Mr. Krabs makes the mistake of pressing a button that causes the cash drawer to fly out and hit the Flying Dutchman in the face. To put salt into an open wound, he also ends up dropping his groceries in the sea. Okay, how is he even gonna eat his groceries if he’s dead? Does he possess a human body to eat or is he going on a date? Or am I just overthinking this for comedy?

While Mr. Krabs deals with the Flying Dutchman’s wrath, the neighbor trio gather around a campfire where JKL plays the bongos. By now, Squidward’s lost any attraction he had for JKL and immediately complains on how they’re never gonna get home at the slow rate they’re going.

SpongeBob decides to confront JKL on his questionable methods on Squidward’s behalf. Aww, it’s nice to see the bond SpongeBob and Squidward have with each other is still strong even with the increased annoyances this season.

Being the naive sponge he is though, he just comes back claiming that they need to stare into the fire as a lesson. I’m with Squidward on this one, they’re gonna be stranded unless Sandy can use her smarts to get off her own deserted island and rescue them.

And coincidentally enough, Sandy has got it made on her island. Thanks to her amazing survival skills, she’s made a five star hotel, generator powered by steam, car running on coconut milk, and a coffee place. Okay, how’s she even gonna find employees to maintain all this? Eh, she’s Sandy, she finds a way.

This ain’t the main course for Sandy though as she’s built a helicopter to find SpongeBob and the others and head back to Bikini Bottom. Looks like Squidward’s saved after all, that is if Sandy can reach the surfer island.

While a thunderstorm rages on due to the Flying Dutchman’s angry mood, Mr. Krabs tries to reason with the ghost but he’s still angry since he has no money and even resorts to trying to steal from the cash register to buy more groceries. Key emphasis being try since Mr. Krabs ain’t letting that happen on his watch and the two engage in a tug a war over the cash register.

While those two fight it out, Squidward’s lost patience with JKL and angrily demands himself that he teach them how to surf so that they can go home. JKL just claims that the two idiots will make better surfers since they actually stared in the fire all night. Okay, is he even gonna help them or will they have to resort to cannibalism?

Just then, the thunderstorm that Sandy and Mr. Krabs encountered earlier hits the surfer island causing JKL to run off. Confused at what is going on, the trio follows the hot surfer to the top of a temple.

When they get there, JKL reveals some of that good ol world building that when the planets align every thousand years, a perfect wave shows up that is big, long, and fast known as the Big One!

As luck would have it, it’s the only one the trio has to ride all the way home in one go. Okay, this got more intense.

Back to Mr. Krabs and the Flying Dutchman’s fight over the cash register, the cheap crab tries to get the Flying Dutchman to leave by vowing to never cross him again and the ghost is about the let him off the hook. However, Mr. Krabs makes the mistake of vowing on his Aunt Sally’s false teeth which Flying Dutchman sees as total baloney since he apparently knows that the mention aunt never wore false teeth since they somehow dated in high school. Okay, just how old is the Flying Dutchman if he knew Mr. Krabs’ aunt from presumably the late 1800s?

Eventually, Mr. Krabs accidentally lets go of the cash register and Flying Dutchman accidentally flings it away in shock. The cash register ends up crashing into Sandy’s helicopter leading to the helicopter to spiral out of control and accidentally hit the Flying Dutchman just as he’s about to inflict horrid violence (probably the Fly of Despair) to the cheap crab. So much for the trio’s rescue.

The malicious ghost winds up in Davy Jones’ (the singer) locker where the singer proceeds to toss socks onto him. It’s as random as you can get. Bless you Davy Jones.

At the surfer island, the trio are preparing to ride the Big One when JKL mentions that the Big One will always need a sacrifice in return for the ride so one of them’s gonna die. Well, it was nice knowing ya Squidward.

When the trio begin surfing, Patrick loses his board to the Big One and Squidward’s too scared to go on his own so now all three of them are riding together. Well, it goes to show that despite the tensions and troubles the three bring to each other, they still care for one another.

They also encounter Mr. Krabs going nuts again with the cash register to the point where he ignores SpongeBob’s warning to get on the surfboard and almost drowns. Thankfully, JKL saves the cheap crab from drowning so SpongeBob and Squidward still got a boss. The same can’t be said for the cash register though which the Big One promptly devours. JKL goes inside the big wave’s mouth just to retrieve the thing. Okay, that is one cool dude risking his life for an item from someone he barely knows. That guy is a true hero.

The quartet:

While the other three are panicking on what to do, SpongeBob’s keeping calm with the bongos as the wave goes on.

Back with Sandy, she’s crashed onto Goo Lagoon so she’s home safe. After spending a few seconds being distraught over not being able to save the four, she and the rest of the town quickly cheer up when they return and even go so far as to hold a party for their return.

Okay, either these townspeople have nothing better to do or these four (or just SpongeBob) are beloved by the town.

Also, the college dropout druggies have also returned (probably through the Big One off screen) and are prepared to party.

Just as it seems like its over, JKL comes back revealing that he’s still alive and has gotten the cash register back much to Mr. Krabs’ pleasure.

Now that’s done with, they can all party over the victory of SpongeBob SquarePants vs the Big One.


This was a pretty decent special. It ain’t one of the more memorable ones but it is a decent watch even if it ain’t very special aside from some really cool action scenes, the Davy Jones cameo, and the surf montage.

Grade: B

Score out of Ten: 7/10

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