SpongeBob Season 5 Episode 2b Night Light


Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob reading a very scary book to Gary. However the story proves to be so scary that both SpongeBob and Gary are scared by this and they decide to sleep together on SpongeBob’s bed for the night. Aww, it’s nice to see SpongeBob trying to comfort his pet when he’s scared.

However, since he’s more immature than Gary, SpongeBob ends up seeing his household objects as monsters when its’ dark and he ends up getting zero sleep. I wonder why he couldn’t sleep with the light on.

When at work, it would seem like any kind of darkness is enough to scare SpongeBob since he ends up scared again when a pot ends up on his face. Man, SpongeBob’s such an easily scared guy. Heck, even when he blinks even for a second, he’s scared. SpongeBob really needs help.

Since SpongeBob’s excessive scarediness is affecting his profits, Mr. Krabs suggests that he get a night light since it’ll give enough light to make SpongeBob not scared of sleeping. He’s just gonna get scared anyway when he closes his eyes. Still, it’s nice to see Mr. Krabs helping SpongeBob out and treating him like the son he never had.

However even after buying one night light for his room, SpongeBob’s still scared since his bathroom’s dark and decides to buy a night light for that as well.

Soon, it gets to the point where SpongeBob has to buy a night light for every room (instead of just you know, closing the doors). Geez, SpongeBob’s in debt now. At this point, he might as well just turn the lights on.

This gets to the point where SpongeBob’s house is a living lamp. Patrick is soon woken up by the excess light and assumes that SpongeBob’s having a jellyfish jam party again.

Patrick decides to confront SpongeBob over not inviting his own best friend but SpongeBob just fills him in on his newfound fear of the dark which ends up making Patrick paranoid to the point where he moves his rock to SpongeBob’s house to keep it away from the dark.

SpongeBob and Patrick are initially happy since now they can have a sleepover.

However, soon SpongeBob and Patrick become even more paranoid since now there’s a giant hole in the house with the darkness outside even though they already have a ton of night lights to mitigate that.

While those two are being complete babies, Squidward’s eyes catch on fire from all the light that SpongeBob’s house has and he proceeds to confront SpongeBob about this after he puts the fire out.

Squidward tells them to turn off all the night lights but the idiot brothers refuse since they’re still afraid of the dark. Squidward tries to tell them that it’s all in their imagination before leaving but it’s clear that SpongeBob and Patrick are too childish to take that seriously and they proceed to get some even bigger “night lights” such as a light up billboard, a spotlight, and a lighthouse. Geez, they might as well be living in the sun.

However, the lighthouse ends up cracking SpongeBob’s house a bit and the cracks end up making a Mermaid Man signal which attracts the old geezer and his sidekick Barnacle Boy.

When they find out what’s really going on though, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy proceed to lecture the idiot brothers on making a fake emergency and how they’re not dealing with those again like they did in season 1.

Soon, the light proceeds to attract MM and BB’s arch nemesis, The Moth! The Moth manages to defeat MM very easily since the superhero’s so old. That was anti climactic.

SpongeBob decides to take matters into his own hands and he climbs up the lighthouse to get the Moth locked inside the thing. Again, anti climactic.

The Moth still gets away though since he’s strong enough to carry SpongeBob’s entire house when he flies. Well, SpongeBob’s gonna need a new seed to grow his pineapple home back.

MM and BB decide to go home though since they’re too tired to deal with this now.

However since The Moth’s taken away SpongeBob’s house of lights, he and Patrick proceed to cry since now they’re stuck in the dark.

Luckily, the sun comes up so SpongeBob can sleep. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to capture the sun by following the sun’s light rays but all he gets is third degree burns.

At least SpongeBob can sleep now.


This episode had potential but it was ultimately held back by how disjointed it is. The first half has SpongeBob (and later Patrick) afraid of the dark and the second half has them fighting The Moth with MM and BB’s appearance there being pointless. The anti climactic ending doesn’t help either.

However, there were some decent jokes here especially at the end where Patrick tries to capture the sun so it wasn’t bad but the disjointed plot really holds it down.

Grade: C

Score out of Ten: 6/10

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