SpongeBob Season 3 Episode 20b Pranks A Lot

Well after 11 months, I’ve finally reached the end of the pre first movie era of the show. Many consider this to be the end of the golden era but we’ll see when we get to season 4.


Recap and Gifs

The episode starts of with SpongeBob showing to Patrick the Palace of Pranks, a place that sells potential pranks such as the seanut brittle gag which Patrick assumes is actually seanut brittle. Oh Patrick, what’d we do without you?

Frank (the man behind this Palace of Pranks) shows up and attempts to sell another prank to SpongeBob and shows off a fake gag dollar (cool), the classic whoopee cushion (wish I had one even if it is cliche), fake vomit, and real vomit but when it comes to pranks, SpongeBob’s very picky.

The guy that’s usually so optimistic being picky! Where are my flying pigs!

Since he still wants to get SpongeBob’s money and also impress him, Frank shows off the invisible spray that makes anything, well ,invisible.

SpongeBob’s rightfully impressed and takes it. Sucker. That’ll probably be a scam.

The first invisible spray hyjink SpongeBob and Patrick want to pull off is spraying a bench with the spray so that it’ll look like they’re floating when sitting on it.

Of course, doing this is easier said than done. The idiot brothers decide to take off their clothes so that they don’t get them stained even though they look even more naked without them.

Soon, they idiot brothers get into an argument over who should spray the park bench since they wanna become the ultimate prankster. This soon cultivates in them accidentally making their clothes invisible. Well, so much for keeping the stains out. At least we know the invisible spray wasn’t a scam.

Unfortunately, this means that they’re butt naked in public (aside from SpongeBob’s footwear).

Things go from bad to worse when Patrick sprays SpongeBob’s hand invisible just to be a prankster.

This eventually escalates into SpongeBob and Patrick spraying each other with the invisible spray with some very hilariously bad puns.

This goes on until SpongeBob and Patrick use up all the invisible spray and are completely invisible. At least no one can see them butt naked.

Since they can’t do the invisible bench prank, they decide to call it quits and go home to wash the paint off.

However when asking Nat for the time (since their watches are also invisible), he ends up running away in fear assuming they’re ghosts.

This gives the idiot brothers a new idea for a prank which is scaring everyone in town by pretending to be ghosts.

Their first intentional victim is none other than our favorite squirrel, Sandy!

Initially, Sandy sees through this and assumes it’s just the idiot brothers wearing bed sheets. However the minute she pulls the bed sheets off, she discovers their real prank and flees for Texas. Don’t worry, she’ll come back.

SpongeBob and Patrick continue to scare everyone in Bikini Bottom from eating Mrs. Puff’s cake and causing her to pop from the inflation (this’ll happen again in 5 seasons), painting a fake mustache on Squidward, and much more.

Man, those two can be really mischievous when they want to be.

Soon, the idiot brothers have scared and pranked everyone in Bikini Bottom ….  except for Mr. Krabs!

It also turns out that he’a aware of all this and is extra prepared with using his anti ghost rituals with a neckerchief, a dried of sea leprechaun (I don’t even wanna know how he got that), some gold, wearing his pants in a melvin knot (aka a wedgie), barrel shoes, tapped down hairs, wearing a barrel with candles, and using a paddle ball.

Ironically, he ends up getting scared when the idiot brothers say just boo and tries to leave.

However to make the prank even scarier, the idiot brothers have glued the doors shut, replaced the glass windows with rubber (which his claws are too dull to cut through), and clogged the toilets with toiler paper  (even though Mr. Krabs can’t fit in a toilet anyway).

They really went all out this time.

However, they make the fatal mistake of attempting to burn a dollar right in front of Mr. Krabs.

Since he can’t take his money burning, Mr. Krabs douses the match and by extension washes off the invisible spray with a bucket of mop water!

Honestly, I’m surprised they spray didn’t come off in the Goo Lagoon when they scared Gus.

Mr. Krabs realizes that SpongeBob and Patrick were the ones pranking everyone (I’m surprised the voices didn’t give it away) and butt naked at that.

Luckily, Mr. Krabs isn’t too hard on them since he also pulled pranks like that when he was a kid.

So he used to be like SpongeBob eh?

After sharing a good laugh about it, the idiot brothers decide to go home and get some clothes on.

However it would seem like Mr. Krabs has the last laugh as he’s gathered everyone in Bikini Bottom (from the first 3 seasons anyway) to see the idiot brothers for the nude pranksters they are!

Predictably, the crowd proceeds to laugh at them as revenge for all the pranks they pulled all while SpongeBob and Patrick are very embarrassed and regretting not getting the whoopee cushion instead.

And thus ends off the pre movie era!

Recap and Gifs

Amazing way to end off the pre movie era!

Grade: A+

Score out of Ten: 10/10

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