SpongeBob Season 2 Episode 20b Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with something wrecking havoc of Bikini Bottom from underground. Is it a tornado or something?

Somehow, the thing manages to destroy SpongeBob’s house and scare the heck out of him. Then again, even spilled milk could make him scared.

The next day, everyone at the Krusty Krab is talking about the thing that destroyed a good chunk of Bikini Bottom which is said to be an:

Related image

Mr. Krabs tries to deflect the topic by suggesting that everyone just buy a krabby patty but everyone just throws condiments at him for being so insensitive. They have a point since the worm is affecting all if Bikini Bottom including the Krusty Krab itself.

The townspeople try to figure out how to deal with the worm and the destruction its causing. Some come off as decent like digging a moat, some are stupid like calling someone’s nephew, and others are just memetic like this:

Animated GIF

Leave it to Patrick to be the memetic one around here.

Fred suggests that they have someone go after it so that he doesn’t hurt his leg again. Are you kidding me? You’d need a mob to go after that thing!

Sandy decides to be the one to go after the worm. It turns out that she has a personal vendetta on the worm since it somehow managed to steal her tail (the fake fur one).

I wonder how the worm managed to steal Sandy’s tail considering that she would’ve tried to fight it if she saw it take her tail.

Everyone cheers her on but SpongeBob’s the only one that knows that this is a bad idea since that worm’s obviously way out of her league.

It seems like everyone else (but Sandy) caught wind of that too since they’re gonna do Patrick suggesting on pushing Bikini Bottom somewhere else. #PatrickforPresidentin2020.

While the townspeople are trying to pointlessly move Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob follows Sandy to try and talk her out of wrestling with the worm since it’s incredibly:

Image result for big scary and pink gif

Sandy insists that she can take the worm down since she’s been able to beat up bulls and worms back in Texas. She really doesn’t know squat about Alaska. I thought she was the genius around here.

Sandy also wants to get her tail back since she can’t be a tailless freak forever. SpongeBob tries to stall by claiming that he has her tail but a piece of string and a paperclip won’t get him anywhere.

SpongeBob soon breaks down and begs Sandy not to go but she still tries to get him to stop being so foolish.

Poor fellow. Just trying to look out for his friend.

SpongeBob tries to slow Sandy down by bribing her with ice cream, disguising himself and Sandy’s dad, and fighting her but she just brushes it off like nothing.

Related image

SpongeBob tries to fruitlessly beg Sandy to reconsider but Sandy states that she can easily kick the worm’s butt since she’s the strongest person in Bikini Bottom, puts the kick in karate, and saves SpongeBob’s own butt. That’s even how they met.

Sandy even goes as far as to make SpongeBob state that she can catch anything. After a couple hours of arguing, Sandy and SpongeBob reach a cave where the Alaskan bull worm supposedly lives.

Predictably, Sandy goes in and kicks the worm’s butt and gets her tail back. Good ending right? Wrong!

It turns out that the so called cave was actually the Alaskan bull worm and the “worm” Sandy fought was actually the tongue. Guess she’s not as smart as she thinks..

SpongeBob and Sandy proceed to run from the pissed off worm where SpongeBob makes Sandy admit that she was wrong and that she can’t do everything. The idiot has a point there squirrel.

After a whole minute of chasing and breaking a guy’s butt (poor guy that’s related to Fred), Sandy gets the idea to use SpongeBob’s piece of string and paperclip as a grappling hook that can help them ride the worm.

They manage to hop off the worm though before they fall down a cliff with it. Sandy may not be the master at beating up Alaskan bull worms, but she can outsmart them.

However it seems like SpongeBob and Sandy won’t have a town to go back to since while they were running from the worm, everyone else in Bikini Bottom managed to move the town right near the cliff where the worm fell and destroyed the town.

Talk about irony!

Image result for sandy, spongebob, and the worm spongebob gifs


This was an amazing episode and I liked how Sandy outwit the worm while also showing that she can’t do everything. Patrick was also funny with his ideas as usual.

Grade: A+

Score out of Ten: 10/10

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