SpongeBob Season 1 Episode 5a Pizza Delivery

File:Pizza Delivery.jpg

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Squidward waiting for SpongeBob to finish washing the tables so that he can go home and play his awful clarinet music. Someone calls the Krusty Krab and asks for a pizza. Squidward tries to tell the customer that they don’t sell pizza, but Mr. Krabs sees this as an opportunity for extra money, so he promises the customer pizza.

Squidward tries to protest by saying that they don’t sell pizza and they don’t know how to make pizza. Mr. Krabs simply manages to mold some krabby patties into a pizza. I think the pepperonis on the pizza are tomatoes. Mr. Krabs is magic if he can turn krabby patties into pizza or his lust for money just makes him more determined than usual to turn krabby patties into a pizza.

Squidward tries to tell pass the pizza delivery job to SpongeBob , but he ends up making it worse since he has to deliver it with the annoying yellow sponge.

Since he’s an expert on boats, SpongeBob decides t do a check on the boat’s functions which are: front end, antenna, bumper, bumper sticker, and tire pressure.

Since Squidward’s too lazy to drive, he makes SpongeBob do it even though he always crashes boats. Predictably, SpongeBob ends up getting so nervous behind the wheel not at all helped by Squidward pressuring him. SpongeBob ends up backing the car up too much. Squidward realizes what a mistake it was to make SpongeBob drive but he stubbornly refuses for some reason. They continue to go backwards all night until they run out of gas and end up in the middle of nowhere.

Squidward ends up getting so frustrated that he ends up kicking the boat which surprisingly makes in full of gas again and goes back to the Krusty Krab without SpongeBob, Squidward, and the pizza. Now that’s what I call a kick in the pants.

Since they have no boat, they have to walk back to Bikini Bottom and deliver the pizza. SpongeBob tries to make it fun by singing a song about Krusty Krab Pizza, but Squidward is too tired from walking to even criticize it. Well at least SpongeBob made the viewers and fans happy.

SpongeBob tries to do an old pioneer trick which involves him hitchhiking by dancing on the road for attention from the car drivers. However, since the vehicle they’re attracting is a sixteen wheel truck, Squidward has to move SpongeBob out of the way before he becomes roadkill. SpongeBob doesn’t know that boats weren’t invented until after the pioneer era.

SpongeBob and Squidward continue to walk and while doing so, they stumble upon a tornado. The tornado’s powerful wind ends up pulling the pizza to the tornado and SpongeBob along with it. Squidward tries to make SpongeBob let go of the pizza since they aren’t going to be able to deliver it if they get sucked in the tornado with it, but SpongeBob’s too determined to quit.

Since convincing SpongeBob to let go is pointless, he decides to hold onto SpongeBob. They end up sucked in the tornado until it spits them out. Well, things will work out after all.

SpongeBob tries to suggest the moss pointing to civilization on a rock method, but Squidward wants to go the other way since SpongeBob’s last pioneer trick almost got them killed. SpongeBob turned out to be right however. Maybe if he weren’t so cynical, he would’ve gotten home sooner.

Squidward decides that since they’re lost, they should eat the pizza. SpongeBob tries to suggest that they eat coral instead of pizza since its’ for the customer, but Squidward refuses to eat hard plants.

Squidward tries to tempt the little sponge by giving a delicious description of the pizza. However, since SpongeBob knows this trick well enough from Plankton!, he doesn’t fall for it. Squidward decides to just chase SpongeBob and take the pizza from him but SpongeBob gives him wild chase.

After two minutes of chasing Tom and Jerry style, SpongeBob stumbles upon a rock.


Image result for we're saved gif spongebob

As it turns out, pioneers apparently used to drive rocks. Squidward yells at SpongeBob on how stupid the idea is since rocks can’t even move, but since this show is nonsensical, it ends up moving and they get to the customer’s house. How did SpongeBob not even crash? I guess he can drive on anything that isn’t a boat.

How did they know where the customer even lived if Mr. Krabs never told them? Then again, maybe Squidward knew the guy on the phone.

When they try to deliver it to the customer, he immediately yells at them for forgetting his drink. They apparently forgot since Mr. Krabs hung up before he said he wanted a drink. He refuses to even take the pizza and calls SpongeBob selfish for not thinking of the customer.


Squidward decides to throw the pizza at the customer for making SpongeBob cry. Aww, he really does care about SpongeBob.

SpongeBob thanks Squidward for standing up to the customer. Squidward decides to go home, but SpongeBob wants to go to work and drives the rock there. It is shown that the Krusty Krab was right across the customer’s house. Why didn’t they just walk to the customer’s house since they knew where it was and they walk to their homes anyway?


This was a really awesome road trip episode and SpongeBob’s Krusty Krab pizza song bumped it up to a perfect score. This is in my top 10 best SpongeBob episodes as of now.

Grade: A+

Score out of Ten: 10/10



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