SpongeBob Season 1 Episode 4b Boating School

File:SB 2515-104 Boating School.jpg

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob riding his unicycle to boating school. He throws it away since he’s confident that he’ll pass this time. SpongeBob does the boating exam and he manages to do the written test correctly.  His driving exam on the other hand ends up as a disaster because he’s more nervous than Woody Allen and he floors the boat at the wrong places and inflates Mrs. Puff. Now we know how the inflation pictures got started.

At night, SpongeBob tells Gary about his failed boating test. Apparently, he’s failed it for 38 times so far. I wonder how he’s still nervous after 37 tries since he would’ve gotten numb to the nervousness by the 20th test.

Suddenly, Patrick calls SpongeBob via walkie-talkie and asks him to come to his library’s closet. SpongeBob does so and he sees Patrick wearing his pants that seem too tight for Patrick’s star butt.

SpongeBob talks to Patrick about his 38 failed driving tests and how nervous he gets behind the wheel. Patrick decides to help SpongeBob by putting a walkie-talkie in one of his holes and covering it with a hat so that he can give SpongeBob information and encouragement through the walkie-talkie. This is so gonna end badly.

At the boating school obstacle course, Patrick does a run through of what SpongeBob has (which is an apple for Mrs Puff and lucky underwear). Mrs. Puff comes back from the hospital to give SpongeBob his 39th driving test.

Patrick coaches SpongeBob on his driving test and manages to make Mrs. Puff a lot less stressed out around SpongeBob and a boat. I would say that Patrick being smart enough to coach SpongeBob on his driving test is early installment weirdness, but he manages to pass the driving test in Driven to Tears.

Mrs. Puff compliments SpongeBob on his improved driving skills and offhandedly mentions the thought of SpongeBob having an antenna giving information and cheating. This makes SpongeBob fall apart because he wanted to pass the test fair and square.

SpongeBob and Patrick:

SpongeBob breaks down in front of Mrs. Puff confessing that he’s been cheating all this time while losing control of the steering wheel on the process. Mrs. Puff tries assure him that its’ okay to cheat as long as he can get a license but SpongeBob keeps on crying until he crashes again and inflates Mrs. Puff.

SpongeBob apologizes to Mrs. Puff for cheating and failing. Mrs. Puff forgives him before she goes to the hospital to get air out.

SpongeBob laments on his lack of transportation until Gary (his loyal pet) gives him his unicycle he threw out earlier. SpongeBob uses it to go and visit Mrs. Puff even though she’ll not be very happy to see him.



This show is good at introduction episodes like this one for boating school and Mrs. Puff.

Grade: A

Score out of Ten: 9/10


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