SpongeBob Season 1 Episode 4a Naughty Nautical Neighbors

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Recap and Gifs

At Squidward’s place, he’s finished up making a souffle. How is it that he makes a great souffle but cooks horrible krabby patties? My guess is that he’s more apathetic when making the patties which makes them inferior to SpongeBob’s patties.

However, Squidward’s souffle date is interrupted by SpongeBob and Patrick’s laughing.

Apparently, the idiot brothers are talking to each other using bubbles from their own backyards. The process is that they talk through the wand which produces a bubble and says the message when it pops. If only it were like that in real life.

Squidward decides to split the idiot brothers up so that they can stop laughing. He makes his own bubbles using a fork and some liquid (probably jelly). Lucky for him his yard is between SpongeBob and Patrick’s backyards.

The messages he puts are ones that insult the idiot brothers. He wants to split them up so that he doesn’t have to deal with two annoying brats any more. And he actually succeeds as SpongeBob and Patrick are mad at each other and end their 30 year long relationship.  Squidward is savage.

Squidward laughs at this while he’s eating and karma causes him to swallow the fork he was eating with. He ends up choking on the fork and being dead for a couple of seconds. Luckily, Patrick sees this and brings Squidward back to life using mouth to mouth CPR.

Squidward actually thanks Patrick and they decide to be friends muck to SpongeBob’s dismay. This makes SpongeBob and Patrick sound like a gay couple that broke up.

Squidward decides to play his clarinet for Patrick even though he sucks at it. I highly doubt that this will end well.

And I’m right because Squidward’s awful music ends up putting Patrick to sleep much to Squidward’s dismay. How is he not sleepy by the clarinet’s music in other episodes?

Meanwhile, SpongeBob is sad that he doesn’t have any one to hang out with even though he could’ve just hung out with Sandy. I mean those two are according to Sandy, “tighter than tree bark”. But for the sake of this plot, Sandy is on vacation so SpongeBob is on his own.

Squidward is dragging he sleeping Patrick out of his house until he hurts his back. SpongeBob’s Squidward senses are tingling and he immediately delivers a kick strong enough to massage Squidward’s back back to normal.

Squidward is so happy that he actually admits that he thinks of SpongeBob as a friend. SpongeBob decides to impress Squidward by playing his cello and singing a song for him (Well the squid needs another instrument to play in case he gives up on clarinet).

However, SpongeBob has to play the cello like a guitar since he rubbed the bow too rough. Also, when Patrick shows up again, he ends up thrashing the cello out of anger from Patrick’s mere presence. Well, this how Squidward feels when you stalked him in Squid’s Visit.


Squidward kicks SpongeBob out of his house and decides to take a bath to cleanse himself from SpongeBob’s cello song. However, Patrick pops up and invites Squidward to come and bathe with him even though the idiot peed in the bath tub.

SpongeBob arrives and immediately gets jealous at the sight of Patrick and Squidward together. The ex-best friends end up arguing over who Squidward likes more.

Squidward runs away and hides. He decides that the idiot brothers are more annoying when they aren’t friends and decides to get them to be friends again so that he can get less abuse.

He writes letters to the idiot brothers to come over to his house. Both of them do so and are mad at each other for being there. Squidward tries to ease tensions between the idiot brothers by giving them spray soda (aka beer). They keep asking for more since they love it so much.

That is until he runs out of spray soda. He leaves to get more. The idiot brothers initially refuse to even look at each other, but their burping ends up making them laugh at themselves.

Their burping ends up producing bubbles and they decide to laugh it off which makes the burping bubbles pile up over and over until Squidward comes home and sees two friends that made up and became friends again as well his his destroyed house. Squidward doesn’t seem that shocked over this. I think Squidward intended for all this to happen and he decided to sacrifice his house in order to get the idiot brothers off his back.

Squidward kicks them out since he’s already had enough of them for 11 minutes. He still ends up trampled by the door as karma for his actions in this episode.


Great episode.

Grade: A

Score out of Ten: 9/10


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