SpongeBob Season 1 Episode 3a Jellyfishing


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Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob and Patrick preparing to go jellyfishing Batman style.

The idiot brothers practice jellyfish which results in their butts being stung by jellyfish. Okay, so jellyfish are like bees.

SpongeBob invites Squidward to come along but of course he refuses since he doesn’t want to get hurt like he does in other episodes. Patrick accurately guesses that Squidward hates them but of course SpongeBob denies this. Well, Patrick seems smarter in Season 1 than in later seasons.

Meanwhile, while Squidward is riding his bike, a jellyfish is flying towards him. This continues until Squidward accidentally eats the jellyfish. He coughs it out and the jelly fish ends up stinging him because he’s the butt monkey until he falls off a cliff.

He ends up in a full body cast because his Hollywood healing was on the fritz again. The idiot brothers decide to cheer Squidward up by spending the day with him.


However, since his mouth is bandaged shut, he can’t tell the idiot brothers to leave him alone and is forced to partake in their idiocy.

First, they try to feed him soup but since his mouth is bandaged shut, he can’t consume the soup and ends up getting hot soup on his full body cast with some minor burns. Then, they try to play music for Squidward using his clarinet but because SpongeBob has dry lips, he can’t make a single sound from the clarinet.

The idiot brothers decide to take Squidward jellyfishing, much to his dismay. Well, its’ the thought that counts.

Since Squidward can’t hold a jellyfish net with his bandaged hand, Patrick has to impale the hand with the jellyfish net just keep it from falling. This as funny as it is painful.

SpongeBob and Patrick try to teach Squidward how to jellyfish even though he can’t move a muscle due to his injuries. Well, even though they are clueless, they do seem like good friends.

The idiot brothers eventually end up stung by jellyfish. While this is occurring, Squidward decides to catch a jellyfish so that he can use it to torture SpongeBob and Patrick. However, it ends up sticking to the Queen Jellyfish who isn’t happy about her son being caught in a net. She electrocutes Squidward so badly that he needs a new body cast.

After Squidward comes back from the hospital, the idiot brothers apologize for ruining his day with their idiotic shenanigans. Since an apology isn’t enough for Squidward though, he sends the jellyfish they gave them after them. Well, that might be the only time the idiot brothers have a bad ending.

Squidward ends up running into the Queen Jellyfish, who electrocutes Squidward until his body cast disintegrates showing that he’s perfectly healed aside from a few burn marks here and there. I guess Squidward wasn’t injured and just wanted the body cast in hopes that the idiot brothers wouldn’t do anything to him while he’s injured but that plan failed.



This was another great episode but not too memorable.

Grade: A

Score out of Ten: 9/10


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