SpongeBob Season 1 Episode 2b Ripped Pants

File:SB 2515-106 RIPPED PANTS.jpg

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with SpongeBob impressing Sandy with his impersonations of a sand person (aka a literal version of Sandy’s name), Squidward (well anyone can make a funny impression of the grumpy squid), and a pizza delivery person.

Then, Larry comes and invites SpongeBob and Sandy to lift weights with him. Sandy accepts the invite, much to SpongeBob’s dismay. Oooo, someone’s jealous.

At the weight lifting area, Larry and Sandy are being very impressive in their massive strength. The crowd loves them.

SpongeBob on the other hand…..

His weak strength prevents him from lifting anything heavier than a stick, so he tries to add two marshmallows to the stick to  make it more impressive. That doesn’t make it any more impressive but the sponge is clearly struggling to lift it until he finally rips his pants.

The crowd:

SpongeBob prepares to go home in shame until Scooter and Sandy tell him how funny he is for ripping his pants.

SpongeBob decides to rip his pants on purpose so that he can be considered funny to everyone and impress Sandy. This continues to work for a while.

However, after a while the ripped pants jokes start to lose its’ charm and only Sandy thinks its’ funny. I think she was doing that just to be nice as its’ what the sponge wants.

SpongeBob enters a surfing competition so that he can impress everyone with his ripped pants routine, but by now everyone thinks its’ more stale than 30 day old bread. SpongeBob decides to do the ultimate ripped pants joke yet: by pretending to drown as a setup for the ripped pants joke.

Everyone on the beach:

Sandy calls SpongeBob out on being emotionally manipulative to everyone.

SpongeBob tries to get everyone’s attention by completely ripping his pants off, but since they saw his emotionally manipulative stunt, no one cares.

SpongeBob gets jealous when he sees Sandy hanging out with Larry. Ooooo, the sponge is jealous. SpongeBob realizes that he didn’t need to rip his pants to impress Sandy. He calls himself the biggest beach loser ever.

Millie assures him that she’s a bigger loser because she never put sunscreen on her scales and got sunburned. She needs a doctor. Dexter says that he’s a loser because he got sand in his buns. Dude, just get new ones. Frank says that he got buried in the sand and no one dug him up.

The beach loser quartet decides to perform a song stating what losers they are and how sorry SpongeBob is to Sandy. Oooo, this sounds like a love song now.

Everyone cheers at the song and Sandy happily tells SpongeBob to just be himself and that she loves forgives him. Larry is also impressed and asks SpongeBob to sign his shorts. SpongeBob ends up completely ripping his underwear from all that bending he did in the episode and now he’s butt naked. Well, at least he won Sandy back and got Larry’s respect.

File:Ripped Pants Gallery (43).jpg


A really outstanding episode that explores Spandy. The ripped pants jokes never got too tiring and the song at the end was really nice.

Grade: A+

Score out of Ten: 10/10


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