SpongeBob Season 1 Episode 2a Bubblestand

File:SB 2515-105 BUBBLESTAND.jpg

Recaps and Gifs

SpongeBob decides to build a bubble stand for no reason other than to spread joy to other people. However, the construction of the stand is bothering Squidward so he tries to tell SpongeBob to be quiet so that everyone can hear his awful clarinet playing. However, SpongeBob can’t over all that noise either so he doesn’t hear Squidward telling him to stop.

SpongeBob shows Squidward his new bubble stand and that its’ purpose is to teach others to blow bubbles for 25¢. Well he’s gotta have another source of income since Mr. Krabs only pays him a nickel a year. Squidward say that only a moron would wanna do that. Well, he’s right when Patrick visits the stand after he falls off his rock. I though the the running gag of Patrick falling off his rock back in season 1 was pretty funny. Too bad it got dropped in later seasons.

Patrick has to borrow money from SpongeBob so that he can blow bubbles. There isn’t gonna be much profit unless someone that isn’t Patrick comes and pays with their own money. Well at least SpongeBob gets to have fun with bubbles.

Patrick tries to blow bubbles but since he blew too hard, he ends up failing.

Patrick gives SpongeBob his quarter back so that he can teach him how to blow bubbles. SpongeBob shows him the technique which is involves rotating (aka bringing it around town), spinning, double takes, pelvic thrusts, and shape shifting. Well I don’t know if it’ll work for other species but we know how SpongeBob does it.

SpongeBob shows off all the things he can make out of bubbles including caterpillars and boats (without wheels). However, the elephant bubble ends up getting in Squidward’s house ends causing a lot of noise while he’s playing his clarinet.

The idiot brothers realize what they’ve done and try to close the stand in hopes of avoiding Squidward, but he still yells at them anyway. He demands to know how they’re having fun with bubbles.

SpongeBob shows his Squidward his “bubble art” using his technique from earlier.

Squidward’s reaction:

Squidward calls the bubble stand stupid and lame. The idiot brothers decide to go home. After they leave however, Squidward tries to blow bubbles for free but the idiot brothers come back because they can teleport.

Squidward tries to blow a bubble just to prove how easy it is, but because he blows too hard like Patrick, he fails.

Squidward continues to give SpongeBob quarters and fail to blow bubbles while the idiot brothers try to encourage him to do the technique. Well, SpongeBob’s gonna rich after Squidward finally blows an impressive bubble.

Squidward finally snaps and mocks their technique by doing what SpongeBob did and surprisingly, he’s actually very accurate with SpongeBob’s shape shifting.

Squidward manages to make a gigantic bubble thanks to the technique and screaming into the bubble. Well, screaming is how Squidward made it bigger.

The idiot brothers are impressed at Squidward’s big bubble and cheer for him. Squidward is actually happy and cheered up tanks to the idiot brothers’ cheering.

He goes back to his house to play the clarinet and he actually sounds pretty good this time. Well, either the big bubble gave him confidence or he probably plays it better when he’s happy.

The idiot brothers continue to cheer Squidward.

However, the big bubble Squidward blew ends up trapping his house in it. The idiot brothers try to warn Squidward, but he can’t hear them over his awesome clarinet skills. They realize that he’ll be sad when he finds out so they decide to go back to their own homes.

The bubble eventually pops and Squidward’s house isn’t damaged. However, he’s back to big a bad clarinet player thanks to the bubbles making his reed rusty.


This was a great episode especially when SpongeBob and Squidward did the technique.

Grade: A

Score out of Ten: 9/10


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